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Sticky Slide Out Promo Bar w/ Fade Out! (Simple Tut w/ Demo!)

<script src=""></script> // Latest Stable jQuery
 <script src=""></script> // Latest UI
 $("#righton").effect("bounce", { times:6 }, 1800); // Bounce on Load
 $("#stickynessfooter").delay(9000).fadeOut("slow"); // Set Time Out, oh yeah.
 $( "#clickme" ).click(function() {
 $( "#stickynessfooter").hide( "fast", function() { …
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Fun with AJAX

#AJAX #Web #Dev #Freelance #TIPS

I was working on a project recently where I had many simple jQuery show / hide toggles; that were, when toggled — pulling out the exact same data, over and over again. It got to …

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